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04 Nov

New Items!

Posted by Brenda Hindson in dry shampoo, hazelwood, natural, new items

I am very excited to announce that there are some new items available. I have created a completely natural dry shampoo, and after testing it for several months I can say without reservation that it is awesome! For those days when you just don't have the time to wash your hair, this product fits the bill. Sprinkle sparingly and massage in, then shake or brush out and you're good to go! Also allows styling and will hold said style, so it can replace the chemical laden gels etc. that you currently use. Oh so good!

 I have also added hazelwood necklaces to the lineup, they are not on the website yet so if you're interested please email me. Hazelwood is said to draw acidity from the body, so when changing your diet is not enough then wearing these next to your skin will definitely help. 16" for $16.00, bracelets or different sizes available on request. See you at the next Christmas craft market, that is November 9 and 10 at the Parkdale Community Centre 3512 5th Ave. NW Calgary.

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