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Appreciation Page

There are so many things for which I am grateful. My wonderful children, a few true-blue friends, work that I enjoy, and an opportunity to make a real positive difference in other people's lives. I am so blessed.

I am especially grateful to the friends, family, customers, and tolerant strangers who paid real money for my products while they were still in their infancy (the products, not the people lol). I appreciate your support and faith in me more than I can say. Because of you, I was  encouraged to continue, and to improve the things that I offer with every new batch. Now I have a full line of wonderful, skin loving products, and that would not have happened without those of you who believed in me and what I am doing. THANK YOU!!!

I would particularly like to thank those wonderful folks who were my test subjects, without your willingness to try something new and to provide feedback I would not have been able to improve my products. 


Eureka! I want to thank my daughter Lacy for clarifying something about Law of Attraction for me. (She is the BEST deliberate creator that I know, maybe because she hasn't had years of programming to overcome.) She likened the Law of Attraction to fishing, you put your desire on the hook and cast it out. Then, if you continue to think about it (where is it, what am I doing wrong, why isn't it coming, what am I doing wrong, what else can I do, think, feel or be, what am I doing wrong, etc etc etc ad nauseum) that just serves to reel it back in. So, you cast it out and then HAVE FAITH that what you want is on it's way. The other trick is to not have any attachment to the manner of it's coming, as the Universe is capable of providing your desires in any number of ways. Attachment just slows the whole process waaaaay down.

Also, the mistake I was making was trying to have it come to me. The thing about deliberate creation is, you have to raise your vibration enough to go to it.