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Hair Care

I have to say that making shampoo has been an exercise in perseverence. I now, after many attempts, have a recipe that I like. I probably won't deviate from it, unless I feel that another lesson in humility is called for.

I have now branched out and can offer shampoo with essential oils to help with:

Dry Hair
Oily Hair
Flaky Scalp
Normal Hair

Please be aware that this shampoo is pure and natural, and contains the least amount of surfactant (the agent that makes the lather) that I can manage. It is not like commercial shampoos (read detergents), that contain no real soap but only chemicals, so please don't expect it to act like commercial shampoos. The whole lather issue is a false one, soaps really do not need to lather to clean effectively. It is something that we as consumers have been trained to believe by the companies who want to charge the highest price for the least cost. Also, if you have chemically treated hair you will need to use more of this shampoo to get good results.


 If you're interested in a natural, easy, and inexpensive rinse, try this:

Two cups of distilled water
Two tablespoons of raw, organic apple cider vinegar
Two tablespoons of organic lemon juice (real juice, not concentrate)

Mix together in a bottle, shake well before use. After shampooing, use a handful of rinse and work through hair. Rinse out and enjoy the benefits. Apple cider vinegar restores the pH balance of your hair and lemon juice cuts grease and static and gives you added shine. Don't worry about the vinegar odour, it rinses right out.

My personal experience with this rinse is, it is the only conditioner I need in the summer as long as I'm using my own natural chemical free shampoo. In the winter I alternate this with my conditioner, the weather conditions are so dry here that I find I need the added conditioning.