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New Products

This where is where I will post about what I'm working on, and what stage it's at.


If YOU have any ideas about either what is here or what you would like to see here, don't be shy! Send me an email! I'm open to all suggestions. Just be prepared to agree to test your ideas for me (not even kidding.)


Hair Gel - I am SOOOO close to adding this to the line up. One more test batch, and it'll be good to go. YAY!


Hair Pomade -  This is a hair wax, for spiking and shaping and shining up. This is also really good as a beard and 'stache wax, any men out there interested in testing it? In the testing stage. (Would you like to test it? Send me an email if you're in the Calgary area.)


Sunscreen - I WILL get this down. Effective, non-toxic, not waxy, and not greasy. I WILL. In the testing stage. Again. WOOHOO!!! Insert Snoopy happy dance HERE!! The sunscreen is good to GOOOOOO!!! I am a bit excited..... Check out the product pages.


Makeup - I have had many people ask if I do makeup. I currently do not, although I could if there is enough interest. So, send me an email if you'd like to see makeup added to the product line.


Mascara - Hmmm. Should I try this? Processing....