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Hi Brenda
I have a weird toe where I get a callous under one side.  I went to my podiatrist today and told her I wanted to put the Creature Comfort Gel on it.  I wanted her to read the ingredients before I put it on (nothing personal to you in that) but I have a culture sent and the other stuff so just wanted to make sure.  LOVED her reaction :-) She had put polysporin on it but when I showed her the jar, she said that would be awesome to use. Good job!
Linda Fekete

I LOVE your products...thank-you so much!
Cannot imagine life without that Anti-Wrinkle Oil!
Hope all is well!

Jody Odney

Hi Brenda,

How do I possibly express my excitement in words???? I don't know if I can!! Brenda is a miracle worker! I have 2 little girls that just started school/preschool and of course in the first week they ended up with a runny, stuffy, eye watering nose. In previous years, I have purchased "Vicks" tabs and ointments but it is very hard on my oldest daughter who is asthmatic.

I purchased Brenda's Decongestant Chest Rub and was impressed that it smelled like Vicks but didn't burn my nose hairs, my girls loved the smell, my oldest daughter was impressed as well, so I was already excited!

I rubbed it on their chests, back and put a little under their noses. Crossed my fingers and hoped for the best! I was expecting to be up to reapply the rub, which I would have to do with the Vicks anyway and to help my youngest just get through the night.

At 6am I woke to discovwe we all slept THROUGH THE NIGHT. To ME this means that this is a MIRACLE and I believe that not even Vicks can match this experience!!! I will be buying this product from Brenda again and again. 


I was looking for a facial cleanser at a reasonable price that would make my skin look and feel like the current cleanser I was using (we will call it "X") AND be able to remove makeup when I needed it to. Brenda suggested I try her facial cleanser, BUT, she didn't know if it removed makeup. So, I went out on a limb to give it a try, however, holding onto "X" just in case it didn't remove my makeup! My first time experience with her facial cleanser can be explained like this: whoa, wow, sigh, refresh!! I was very happy with the way it left my skin feeling and it REMOVED my makeup!! All I could think was how could $12.00 make me feel so uplifted? I was 100% impressed. The best is yet to come... the next day I think to myself, I really should use what I have remaining of "X" since it was about 3X's the price. I pick up my face cloth from the day before along with "X", wet the cloth put it to my face to wet it and the fragrance from yesterdays "pamper" from Brenda's Best overcame me. I walked to my other bathroom to get her facial cleanser and threw "X" in the garbage WITHOUT finishing it! I am HOOKED!

You won't be disappointed if you try Brenda's Best Organics!!

Tammy Dickinson



Dear Brenda
I tried your new natural bubble bath this week, what a treat! Baths at the end of my day are my sanctuary, but I have learned never to use commercial bubble bath because it was so drying for my skin because of the chemicals. What a shock to realize my skin had actually been moisturized by your product. It was such a soothing experience! Well done!
Megan Bishop-Scott
I received Brenda's Facial Cleanser and Facial Creme (Gaia's Rose) for Christmas from my daughter. I have been using it faithfully everyday since. It has tightened and smoothed out alot of my facial wrinkles and has reduced that turkey neck thing I had going on. I love how my skin feels and looks and also knowing that it is all organic I feel safe in the fact that I am not putting all kinds of chemicals on my skin. Thank you Brenda!!!!
Sandra Regan
Hello Brenda,
I recently purchased a Facial Cream from you. I have to tell you how much I love the product! My skin feels so much more nourished! Thank you!
I also asked if you had something for my 16 month old grandson who was suffering from eczema. You recommened your Herbal Creme, which I purchased. We applied it to his little body that night and the improvement the next day was remarkable! His skin was much calmer and he wasn’t scratching! His nursery smelled of essential oils the next morning Smile! My daughter was thrilled with the results and I wanted to tell you how wonderful your products are!
In August I was at the Sunnyside Market and spoke to Brenda about my son's skin. He had very dry skin/eczema around is nose and cheeks from the sun, swimming, dirt biking, hockey and basically just being a very busy boy. He used the crème twice a day and within 2 day his skin was smooth, not flaky or red!! We shall continue to use this crème for all our skin irritations and look forward to purchasing other products. We love the all natural!!!!
Susan Falcone


Hi Brenda,

Good news for both you and I. I just went to the dentist who commented on how good my gums looked, (even those crowns with metal in them) that had traditionally been swollen and there had been a black line between the teeth and gums on many of my teeth.
Now the black areas are almost gone. The dental hygienist wanted your contact information as she likes natural things too so I gave her your information and told both she and the dentist that I had been using your "Tooth Polish Powder" every night before bed for about 4 months. I had tried the dental recommended toothpastes but they caused too much sensitivity so I am very pleased with your product which can also be taken on an airplane...... Keep up the good work.

Marilyn Day


Hi Brenda

I just wanted to tell you that the Herbal Creme really worked for me. I had an itchy rash on my leg and nothing I tried helped. Chronologically, I tried: Vasoline, baby powder, Zincofax, enzyme face cream, more Zincofax; and until I tried the Herbal Creme it just kept getting worse. I also love all the rest of your products too!

Lynn Torchia


Hi Brenda
I just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying your products. My favourite is the body butter. For about 10 years now I've had a crack in the side of my heel that was very deep and no matter what product I tried it would not go away. Some creams seemed to work temporarily but when I stopped using them the crack came back, sometimes worse than before. I tried your body butter for 4 nights in a row and the crack was healed. I couldn't believe it. I stopped using it to see if the crack would reappear but it didn't. I'm so impressed. Now that the weather has turned cold and my whole family seems to be cracking up, we will be using it on a daily basis. My husband and son use your cream for their dry patches on their chest and cheeks. It's truly amazing.
I'm also using your skin cleanser and toner 1 to 2 times a day and my skin looks so great. Thank you for creating such healthy and wonderful products.
Take care,

Wendy Iannone


 I purchased a few great items, however my favourite has been the toner.

The colour appears to be brownish which may turn some people off, however the product does a great job of toning your face and leaves no sticky or dry residue. I use it every day and love it!

The cacao lip gloss needs no explanation....it is marvelous. I gave one to my sister and she loves it. She swears that the Winnipeg weather dries her skin out faster than the deserts of Egypt!  The bees wax gives your lips the mosturizing it needs while the sheen is not overbearing. It also tastes good on your lips. I need to replenish my stock!

I would recommend Brenda's Best Organics to everyone. Once you try it, you will love it!

May Abundance and Joy be yours~
Brenda C. Harl

I am a person that is prone to fever blisters on my lips. Usually happens when I get dehydrated or run down which is now the time of year to happen. Brenda gave me some of her Creature Comforts Healing Gel quite a while ago so I put it on the shelf and thought would try it later. Well it just so happens that the other day my bottom lip started swelling and that usually means that my whole mouth would be affected. Last night I used the Creature Comforts and dabbed it only on the sore area. I am very pleased to say that it has not exploded or affected the rest of my mouth as it usually would but seems to be staying where it is and drying up nicely. Maybe next time the Creature Comforts will get used ahead of time to make sure that my fever blisters are a thing of the past.

Suzanne Fallowfield


I work with my hands, either farming, gardening, carpentry or mechanics. I had deep bleeding cracks in my hands and tried everything, including prescription medication. Nothing helped. Brenda had given us some of her hand lotion so I thought I would give that a try. Within a few days the cracks were almost completely healed. And that was just "regular" hand lotion!

Lyle Belamy


I love love love Brenda Hindson’s products. I got a lotion because I needed to soften the skin on my bottoms of my feet. They had been tough and calloused for so many years due to being a server or hostess for the majority of my adolescence and spent a lot of time in horrible heels and hard surface floors. I used Brenda’s lotion every night for seven days on my feet, wrapped my tootsies in saran wrap and drifted off to sleep. At the end of the week my feet were soft as new! I love it.

The only thing that I think I might change about the lotion that I used (Brenda you will know which one this is) is that the smell was a little overpowering, if that was toned down a bit it would be perfect!

Danielle Kaye

(Note from Brenda: Thank you, Danielle, I'm so glad your feet are back to the way you want them! The scent is strong because I use essential oils as part of the preservative system, but rest assured that I am always playing with my recipes to get the best blend of safety and scent.)




I really like the products due to its 'non perfumey' scent, I am not into the artificial smells or products and with Brenda's Best Organics I feel more 'earthy' and enjoy not only how the product feels, but how it smells like nature.

Tatiana Baczkowski