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The Inside Scoop

Not many people ask me where I get my ideas/recipes from, but when they do I have a standard response. I say that I decide what it is I want my products to do, then I google what other people are doing as there are no extra points for reinventing the wheel, and then I replace unnatural, chemical, harmful ingredients with helpful, herbal based ingredients. Any who have asked have seemed satisfied with that answer.

And while I do do that, this is my way of coming fully out of the closet.

In August of 2011 I was told by a psychic that I needed to start playing bigger, and that included (or perhaps was based on) letting people know how my products are really created. So I came clean on the vibrational products where I say that "all essences are created with love in accordance with spiritual guidance, for the highest good of all."

I left it at that, thinking that I did not want to stick my proverbial neck out any more than that. However, I recently had a conversation with a lovely woman who mentioned that she would have connected with me sooner had she realized what I was about.

Oh. OK. So here I will really come clean.

Before I make anything, I meditate on the best way to go. As I prepare the ingredients I ask my guides and all angels to bless what I am doing and to guide me so that what I create is in the best highest good for those who will use them. Every step of the way I ask for guidance, and if I get stuck I ask that a master come in and help. So every product is created with love and spiritual energy for every individual's highest good and best alignment.

I now immerse myself in the knowledge that I am divinely led and spiritually protected. I fully accept that my purpose in this life is to help heal the world; physically, mentally, vibrationally. Time to fly our colours, and play big.