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Product Image Gem Essences 15ml, Various

Gem Essences 15ml, Various


Spiritualizes Intellect. People needing amber may exhibit memory loss, inability to make decisions, eccentric behavior and anxiety. Activates an altruistic and passive nature. As a thought amplifier, it creates a realization of the spiritual intellect. Absorbs unwanted energy. Brings stability to life. Promotes a positive mental attitude.

Vitality / Courage. Physical and mental vitality are augmented. Courage and mental balance develop, the uneasy mind is calmed, and one develops caution in order to avoid needless risks. Generates higher states of consciousness and actualization. Useful with yogic and tantric practices as well as biofeedback.  Aids in centering and grounding our energy. Assists with renewal of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Helps us with our creativity, decision making and talents. Rids us of our bewilderment and misunderstood thoughts. Helps bring abundance and good fortune. Strengthens our connection to the earth; brings a stronger flow of earth energies into the 1st and 2nd chakras; stimulates the release of emotional energies that have been stuck in the lower chakras; rebalances these energy centers after trauma or emotional upset. Energy cleansing and revitalizes the body and mind when exhausted, stimulates the flow of lymph and metabolic processes, immune stimulator for acute infections, purifies blood, detoxifies the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and bladder and aids in circulation.


This elixir can assist in tapping into and utilizing one’s full potential and expressing one’s higher self. It will improve communication and strengthen the 7th, 8th, and 9th chakras. Elixir integrates consciousness and instinct to provide clarity regarding problems or ideas; supports intellectual activities; aids in dream recall. Excellent healing stone, dissolving pain and bringing love. Eliminates toxins, calms mental torment.

Self-Confidence. This elixir can help one to develop self-awareness, emotional calm and psycho-spiritual self-confidence. Use it with female concerns and for protection against environmental pollutants. The subtle bodies and five lower chakras are balanced with Copper while astrological attunement increases.  Eases joint pain, increases self esteem, self awareness and aids in establishing boundaries.

All forms of diamond are known as master healers. They are to be used in essence combinations to remove blockages or negativity that can interfere with vibrational remedies. Much of the impact of these elixirs are focalized in the head or higher chakras. The colored diamonds do also have impact with the other chakras. For example, red and or black diamond harmonizing aspects of the first chakra, orange and yellow with the 2nd and 3rd chakra, pink and green with the 4th chakra and white with the higher chakras. This is a general assumption of use, one can always use the combination of diamonds, for a more complete treatment or take them one at a time for a period of days. Diamonds can be used to remove blockages created through disease that curtail life force. So, red diamond may be used to increase a depleted life force within the 1st chakra region, and so forth. Diamonds are especially valuable in removing blockages within the crown chakra and the personality. It is to be used with people or animals that are experiencing anxiety, insecurity and low self-esteem. It promotes clarity of thought and aligns one to thinking at the highest spiritual levels. This is a very powerful elixir that will help to cleanse the meridians, etheric and mental body. Life Force. A master healer that activates attunement to higher self. Use this powerful cleanser with many preparations. The life force increases and crown chakra opens. Use for personality balance, stress, insecurity and sexual tension. Brings clarity to the 6th chakra; harmonizes divine and personal will; helps us activate personal will in its highest form; strengthens our ability to act in alignment with divine purpose.

Greater Love / Regeneration. Master healer. Eases depression and lethargy. Alignment of higher spiritual visions. Amplifies thought forms and is a great balancer of the heart chakra. Stimulates regeneration of the body. One becomes more enlightened. Brings strength and balance to the 3rd chakra; enables us to access and bring forth into physical reality the highest aspects of our personal identity; helps us tap into our inner truth, joy, and wisdom as a source of creative power.

Balances personality, cleanses aura and subtle bodies. Is like a psychic clay drawing toxicity from the bodies. Eases stress. Stimulates clairvoyance, healing abilities, and ability to give. Improves memory.  Helps increase the awareness of dreams, expands awareness and inspires creativity and imagination. Reduces stress and releases tension, helps us to connect to our Inner Voices and psychic abilities. Herkimer Diamonds harmonize well with most other stones. A highly developed transmitter of white light; promotes clarity of vision; stimulates healing at all levels; facilitates clarity during the dream state; helps us fine tune and focus the activities of the 6th chakra.

Expression. Assists in the creating of positive expression through the voice, through singing, play, and dance. For those involved in performing arts, to help one stay in character longer. Can be useful for easing stage fright. Creates a greater connection between the performer and the audience.  Blue Kyanite gem mineral elixir opens and aligns all chakras; stimulates psychic awareness and communication; eliminates confusion; encourages tranquility and calmness; aids meditation; does not retain negative energies.

Opens Heart. Stimulates healing properties within people. Awakens altruistic nature and capacity of healer to give. Opens heart to give and to receive love. People working daily with video terminals should consider this elixir.
Grounding; helps align and harmonize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being; supports the unity of one's being in all circumstances.

This elixir can dramatically increase one’s future sight, telepathy, clairvoyance and healing energies. It will help some in assimilating into the earthly plane and in contacting other entities, angels and devas. Connectedness; an energetic window into universal perspective; helps us stay present in the moment while accessing what we need to express our earthly potential.

Creative Visualization. Aligns all the subtle bodies. Information from the higher self is more easily received and all vibrational remedies work more effectively. Increased clarity, patience, positive emotional outlook. Use for healing meditation and creative visualization. The stone of new beginnings; stabilizes the subtle bodies during the incubation period of new ideas and creative projects; helps us initiate new cycles of learning and experience.

Past life Therapy. This elixir opens people to past life recall, especially when used with meditation and creative visualization. It should be used in past-life therapy to alleviate current problems that have developed.

With this elixir there is a strengthened ability to perceive things at a distance. This can bring one an ability to see things in a whole different way. Prehenite increases the ability to shift certain principles of love that move from the personality-centered to more community-oriented or global-centered love. It will assist in creative visualization. It also can help in the clarity of vision that is helpful in agriculture. This elixir is to be used by the farmer and also sprayed upon the crops.

Eases Tension/Stress. Cleanses the subconscious and eases nervous tension, anxiety, shock and neurotic behavior patterns. Use in psychotherapy. Raises kundalini and opens chakras above the head. For visualization of universal symbols.

It balances individuals with the harmonics of nature by attuning one to all the Earth's major and minor chakras. This opens people's chakras, gives one a sense of planetary purpose, and removes regional prejudices. A very protective stone.  Gives protection from negativity, disease and accidents. Helpful for grounding and considered to be a stone of Good Luck. Useful with depression, stress and obsessive personality traits. It is helpful in releasing addictions.

This elixir balances the pineal and pituitary glands as well as the left/right brain hemispheres. It can stimulate and open the crown chakra on the physiological and ethereal levels. Use this elixir to raise consciousness. Altruism, vision, and understanding are enhanced with this stone. 

It aligns the base chakra with the brow chakra, linking understanding to a higher purpose.

Protection / Strength. Master healer. Psychic abilities improve and all chakras, meridians, nadis and subtle bodies are strengthened and aligned. Unites qualities of love and will in more effective service to others. Provides a soothing energy, most conducive to establishing and maintaining peace of mind. Known as an effective guide into the realms of the unknown; providing protection, while promoting independence in action. Provides for increase in psychic abilities and can help you in the development of your own innate, natural powers. It is a master healer, emanating a purifying energy which tends to dissipate negativity, when the negativity is not within the self. Attunes the energy field to the ancient wisdom and sacredness inherent in all of life; cleanses and deepens our connection to the Soul of the earth; helps us live a life of simplicity with gratitude and reverence for All. This stone is a master healer; all chakras, meridians, nadis and subtle bodies are strengthened and aligned through the use of this elixir. It tends to stimulate the absorption of many nutrients. This stone is a powerful protector against any environmental pollutants. This elixir can improve meditation with peace of mind developing.

Manifestation. This elixir may enhance various people’s capacities for manifestation. It will help in bringing a dream into reality. It assists by bringing some sense of love into one’s dream and in the way in which the love itself may have certain material manifestations.