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Product Image Yarrow Flower Essence 15ml

Yarrow Flower Essence 15ml


Latin Name:
Achillea millefolium

Another miracle worker, this essence offers a highly purifying vibration. It strengthens the aura as it releases the stored negativities of fear and doubt. It attracts positive healing forces.

Seals energetic wounds and sets up a spherical field of white translucent protection around the outer reaches of your electromagnetic energy fields. Then permeates the energy circuits of your brain and central nervous system with high frequency White Light.

This essence blends and harmonizes the spiritual and psychic aspects of one’s nature with the physical world and practical responsibilities.

The White Yarrow flower essence is an essence for general protection. It will create a white field of energy around a person and knit together any porous areas of a person’s auric field. Pink Yarrow flower essence is also for protection, but it is more specific for protection of the heart. It helps a person approach life with an open heart without feeling vulnerable. Pink Yarrow flower essence also helps a person become grounded within themselves, allowing them to create meaningful relationships with others.

There is not much information on purple yarrow flower essence, but as purple is a high vibration colour associated with the crown chakra and the flowers are the exact colour of the violet ray, I would take that to mean the purple flower essence is a protection of the highest order.

Yarrow flower essences are important remedies for the younger generation of people often called indigos, crystals or rainbow children, who are at the same time sensitive, vulnerable, and arrogant. The Yarrow flower essences are the most commonly used essences for ADD, ADHD and children with autistic tendencies. In past eras sensitive individuals had the option of traveling to monasteries and temples or other secluded places for training. This option is not as easily available in modern society, and we have to learn to become spiritual warriors in an urban setting.

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